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1. Description of Vidyanagari ; the Tungabhadra,
Matanga hill, Painpa and Vitthala temples mentioned.

a. Narasimha, the son of Isvara and ornament of the
TurvaBu-Kula, ruled the earth with vigour with the city for his

3,    His son Krsnaiaya's birth spread great joy all round
like that of the moon from the ocean of milk.

4,   In his  youth  he   (Krana)  quickly  overpowered  the
powerful Granga-ra/ja, destroyed his fortress of Sivanasamudra
and its site soon became a fit habitation for jackals.

5,    He then conquered  Udayagiri and its  ruler Rahutta-
raya, captured the two towns Kondavidu and Kondapalli in
war, made the son of the   Grajapati  a prisoner  of  war  and
erected an   inscribed   pillar   of   victory   at   Pottanur.     His
valour commanded universal admiration.

6,    Krsna then conquered the Q-ajapati and espoused his
daughter together with his Sri (prosperity) ; subsequently he
attacked the Yavana king Sapada (Savayi) who was encamped
at G-obburu, put him to flight and captured his elephants, horses
and his unequalled fortress Racur.

7,   This great king crossed the Kržna river and consigned
to flames the whole of the Yavana country (the territory ruled
by Muhammadans), conquered the fortress cities called Firoza-
bad, Asimbad, and Sagar.    Then he attacked Kalubarige which

jwas defended by Sapada (the 'JLdil Khan) and captured there
^three sons of the Sultan.

t Madras Gwt, Or. Msr. Lib.) R. No. 4516.


The first verse  alludes to  some of Krsnaraya's  victories.
It mentions his capture of Udayacala (Udayagiri.) and his vieto-
thft chief of Navada, Sakandhara, and the Grajapati ; it